SapDB has a Oracle 7 mode

robbert n
  • robbert n

    robbert n - 2002-04-29

    Please have a look at the GPL

    They have a Oracle 7 mode. This might make porting more easy and quick.

    Furthermore the database is developped by 100 fulltime pro's at SAP and released as GPL.

    • Toni Mueller

      Toni Mueller - 2002-04-29


      did you actually try to run sapdb?

      I'd be very interested on seeing someone running it
      successfully. With one of the predecessors,
      Adabas-D v 6.something, I wasn't exactly happy at
      the time, but per specs this beast should be an
      equal to Oracle (comparing features, performance
      and TCO :) ).


      • Jorg Janke

        Jorg Janke - 2002-04-29

        As the PostgreSQL port is under way, that might be a candidate for the next port.

    • chris snow

      chris snow - 2002-06-11

      I have managed to get SapDB running relatively easily on Linux Mandrake 8.2.

      However, although there it has an Oracle mode, it still doesn't support objects such as packages and procedures.  These would still need to ported.


    • Alexey Dolganov

      Alexey Dolganov - 2002-08-19

      Is it an ability to get a (+) style outer join only or something else? If there is no real PLSQL procedure support, it doesn't really matter if there is a so-called "compatibility" or no...

      • Jorg Janke

        Jorg Janke - 2002-08-19

        With Oracle 9, Oracle is (finally) ANSI compatible by supporting the INNER JOIN, RIGHT/LEFT OUTER JOIN, COALESCE, CASE, etc.
        We are changing the code - making it PostgreSQL compatible - but Oracle 7 incompatible.

    • jaume teixi

      jaume teixi - 2002-08-21

      please understand that Sap DB is a very old piece of code and dificult to hack in

      currently I guess there're 2 approx:
      -finish Pg port using the Jorg approx about a translation from the Oracle code, where only its need a real hack for the Procedures without parsing values, right ?

      -using a DB framework over JBoss (ofbiz approx)

      my 0.2,

    • Toni Mueller

      Toni Mueller - 2002-08-21

      Unfortunately that discussion is closed, so...

      Either someone gets a grip on the special SAP build tools,
      or someone makes a big effort and adapt the whole project
      into using customary tools. As I understand the discussion
      mentioned above, SAPDB is far away from all common
      coding and build practices, so anyone taking it on would
      have to do a lot of work, no matter where they're headed.

      My guess is that SAPDB is too complicated for most
      users out there, and that the Oracle7 mode isn't going
      to help _that_ much since Oracle is moving onwards, too.

    • Jean-Michel POURE

      Forget about their 100 men working full-time. This is BS.


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