BenzeneERP - 2004-04-16

Few days back I came to know that there are few similar projects going around the world.So few Q's araise.

1. How far Compiere can compete with OpenMFG and GNUe-SB?

2. What are the pros n cons of Databse Independency for Compiere?

3. Can Compiere be integrated with Legancy Ststems/EIS?

4.What is the ROI with Compiere?

My views for those Q's are as follows:

1. Since Compiere has already aquired a good base in Western World and those two products dint make the real mark in the market, Compiere can survive intially. But in the long run the future depends on the success of those two products and the enhancements to Compiere.

2. Dont know.

3. Don't know.

4. ROI certainily should good right from the implementation as Compiere is cheaper if not the cheapest. But how to prove it before Compiere Proposal???

Plz let me know har I am Correct? Hope our cooperation leads to a Success.