• howlke

    howlke - 2005-03-20

    I can't seem to find CompiereSybase.dmp in the cvs. Does anyone know where to get this as I'm trying to install with Sybase as the database.


    • mathiasb

      mathiasb - 2005-03-20

      Same thing for me and postgresql. Anyone can provide CompierePGSQL.dmp?


    • cinmay

      cinmay - 2005-04-28

      FOUND IT!!!

      Its on the download page at sourcforge called compiere data.

      After spending some time trying to find it (in cvs and other pleases) finally I came across a small note on saying that in order to use sybase you have to have  ASE 12.5 Beta (R2.5.2a). The key beeing R2.5.2a. This lead me to the donwload page where I found Compiere-dataR2.5.2a that was really sybase compiere

      Someone should change the installation instructions form:
      Download CompiereSybase.dump from CVS and save it
      Download CompiereSybase.dump from SrouceForge (CompiereData)

    • Andrejs Veliks

      Andrejs Veliks - 2005-04-28

      AndYou must remember that:
      - page size ONLY 8k
      - database size 500 (600Mb better)
      in another case You don`t load dump.
      and more, you must add compiere user sa role rights.

      If You can after that run_compiere.bat(sh) please tell us about them. I can`t .....and anothers too


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