Arianna - 2008-01-22

I'm trying to install Compiere with EnterpriseDB.
I've downloaded both and installed EnterpriseDB first. (The process didn't install the "edb" sample database so I created it and populated it running the sql code that I've found in the file: /opt/EnterpriseDB/8.2/samples/edb-sample.sql).
Then I've installed Java and finally Compiere: as shown in the on-line guide I filled in correctly the field in the first window and then pressed "Start Server Install". At the end of the process I clicked on "Create New Database" and near the end the process stopped showing this message: "Process Error - view logs for more details".

The last log file shows this:
09:54:33.882 ProgressPanel.publish: setup: [15]
09:54:33.992 ProgressPanel.publish: BUILD SUCCESSFUL [15]
09:54:33.993 ProgressPanel.publish: Total time: 1 minute 21 seconds [15]
09:54:34.059 ProgressPanel.publish: ** Finished [15]
09:54:34.125 ProgressPanel.finished: Worker success=true [12]
09:54:34.126 ProgressPanel.enableUI: true [12]
09:57:11.093 ProgressPanel.enableUI: false [12]
09:57:11.098 ProgressPanel.cmd: Create new Database [12]
09:57:11.119 ProgressPanel.publish: ** Start(ubuntu4mkt compiere) [17]
09:57:11.274 ProgressPanel.cmd_import: jdbc:edb://ubuntu4mkt:5432/mgmtsvr [17]
09:57:11.278 ProgressPanel.publish: Creating Database [17]
09:57:13.069 ProgressPanel.cmd_import:  [17]
10:01:14.063 ProgressPanel.finished: Worker success=false [12]

*** 2008-01-22 10:42:56.292 Compiere Log (CLogFile) ***

Anyone has ideas to solve this problem??

Thank you very much in advance!