Where can I get some *.jar?

  • huangshi

    huangshi - 2002-05-29

    Where can I download jgoodies-looks.jar?
    I have accessed www.jgoodies.com.But I cann't
    find jgoodies-looks.jar's location.

    • Jorg Janke

      Jorg Janke - 2002-05-29

      Sorry, it seems that Karsten believes in the power of encryption.  Well, I commented out the offending lines.

    • Gabriele Vivinetto

      Me too I'm looking for jgoodies-looks.jar.
      Is it really needed to compile 2.4.2b sources ?


      • Jorg Janke

        Jorg Janke - 2002-05-31

        Well, in a week or so, I'll release the next version. So at this moment - if you want the Italian core translation (you don't need it), you need to re-compile.
        Please re-download CompierePLAF.java - I removed the jGoodies depencencies.

        • Gabriele Vivinetto

          now looks seems to compile fine, except for signing the jar file. Any suggestion ?
          I Will be happy to compile the client module on my own, to preview my work beofre putting updates on the cvs.

          Buildfile: build.xml

                [jar] Building jar: D:\Tmp\src\looks\CLooksDoc_110.jar
               [copy] Copying 1 file to D:\Tmp\src\looks
            [signjar] Signing Jar : D:\Tmp\src\looks\.\CLooks_110.jar
            [signjar] Usage: jarsigner [options] jar-file alias
            [signjar]        jarsigner -verify [options] jar-file
            [signjar]   [-keystore <url>]           keystore location

          • Jorg Janke

            Jorg Janke - 2002-05-31

            You can ignore that - you only needed the first step. The rest is to create the release.


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