Welcome to Looks (UI Sub-Project)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Welcome to Looks (UI Sub-Project)

    • Jorg Janke

      Jorg Janke - 2002-01-21

      Compiere Looks is a sub-prohect of Compiere.  It contains the Pluggable Look & Feel as well as Swing class enhancements.

      The Project Page is

      The Bug/Support Tracker is

    • Rick Ruggiero

      Rick Ruggiero - 2002-04-17

      I am new to java (and trying to learn very quickly) and I am having problems installing the looks package to the compiere installation.

      Compiere is working fine without any problems, but I would dearly like to have the winows look and feel for the client side application.

      Could someone please offer some help.



      • Jorg Janke

        Jorg Janke - 2002-04-17

        In Compiere, go to Preferences and there change the UI to Windows ;-)

    • prasadtn

      prasadtn - 2002-12-11

      hi i have installed 2.34b in windows machine,
      now how do i go for the READH (html) interface,
      i didn't come accross these words like REACH/RICH during installation process.
      please help me


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