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help with Looks on OsX

  • jaume teixi

    jaume teixi - 2003-01-27

    runnig client on Mac Os X, produces following error then displays buttons on screens awful.
    how should I recompile ?
    now Mac Os X has java 1.4.1 Developers Preview 9.
    Apple java team is saying is just last step (beta) before going to release.
    Compiere is working ok except for the mentioned ERROR that produces unusables buttons.
    So any help valuable on this effort.

    ERROR : QuartzSD_SetUpCGContext has nil context on supposed valid surface.

    ********** SURFACE DATA DIAGNOSTICS **********
    QuartzSDOps = 100297440
    sdOps = -1727826836
    InitCGContext = 0
    ReleaseCGContext = 0
    SetUpCGContext = -1727826332
    CompleteCGContext = -1727824588
    cgRef = 0
    renderType = SD_Nothing
    surfaceDestination = SD_WindowContext
    awtView = 69903152
    NSWindow Lock Status = 2003-01-27 12:12:39.517 java[462] NSRecursiveLock(0x42a6f20) locked: YES recursion count: 2
    manageTightly = NO
    isValid = YES
    createdPrintingContext = NO
    ************* END OF DIAGNOSTICS *************

    • jaume teixi

      jaume teixi - 2003-01-27

      well that was issues on Compiere Look & Feel.
      Mac Os X Look & Feel did better approx on buttons but also unusable on some windows.
      thanks to Compiere Looks approx. switching to Metal Look & Feel causes no mistakes on any buttons, tabs or windows.

      so Compiere Client (Metal L&F) works nice on Mac Os X (either was compiled on a Linux patform) !

      now time to go for Oracle & Compiere server...


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