ERP_design_dude - 2006-04-17

Hi guys,

regarding Compiere erp/crm Skins and UI apps

ive been given a design project for a compiere roll out to bring it in line with the look and feel of other corporate applications that the client is running. I dont know much about the erp and crm side of compiere, but from a design look and feel I tend to agree that it has a poor feel. I have a lot of experience with Peoplesoft design and hence why I have been roped into this. Without understanding much about compiere looks either, I would like to understand whether the compiere erp look and feel can be modified with other Java UI apps especially SkinLF which I amquite familiar with.

Also are there any skins already developed for compiere erp.

I dare say that a more professional design to compiere and a better project logo would do the project a lot of good. I am happy to help if need be. The pronlrm with many GNU projects is that so much is put into the software that little emphasis is put on the look and feel.

Before I get flammed to death here - I am making absolutely so comment on the erp/crm software itself which I understand is excellent.