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  • tobi-wan

    tobi-wan - 2004-09-23


    sorry for posting here instead of trying things out myself, but i'm having troubles with the oracle and compiere installation and i am running out of time...
    normally, i'd toy around until i find the solution, but this time it's rather urgent. please apologize.

    so, my questions are:
    1. is it possible to search contacts for information such as [company they belong to, job description, ...]
    2. is importing and exporting contacts (also based on search-results) possible and if, in which formats?
    3. as a prerequisite of above: can relations like company - subcompany - employees be modelled with compiere? is it possible to assign contacts to one specific company?

    thanks for any pointers (an online demo would suffice for my needs, but i could not find a working one).

    until then, i'll continue struggeling with oracle 9i.

    best regards!


    • tobi-wan

      tobi-wan - 2004-09-23

      issue solved, compiere successfully installed.

      thanks anyway, i know i would have received valuable info


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