Compiere Online Demo

  • Ajith Boralugoda

    Hi! I am evaluating the Compiere suite.
    Is there anyplace I can see or play with a demo before I install everything from scratch.?

    -- ajith

    • DODOL

      DODOL - 2003-02-05

      no official online demo, just download the software and install it, it only takes few hours to complete the installation which also contains demo  data.

      • amita

        amita - 2004-09-25

        Hi All,
        I am a student and i have already installed a trial one. But it dont include some basic workflows like Initial Client  Setup - to creating new client for diff Org. newly created.

        Similarly i have number of Workflow not implemented.

        Thanking you

    • Gordon Hewitt

      Gordon Hewitt - 2003-02-11
      • Ahmed Hussain

        Ahmed Hussain - 2003-12-08

        by any chance can we use it via JAVA web start .
        if so what should i pass as uid,pwd,port,url

    • Michael Judd

      Michael Judd - 2003-02-14

      The demo Gordon talks about is the web front end.  The Java interface is much richer - we have a demo accessible via VPN - we're looking at offering the demo system as an advantage to resellers (with preconfigured data suitable for the UK market) - contact me if you want to demo it or look at (in development) for details.


    • dhruv

      dhruv - 2003-03-31

      I have a perfect solution for you. All you need to get started is an Internet Browser and dial up net connection, with a sample company to see Compiere in action

      Contact for the details


    • Rajmohan

      Rajmohan - 2004-01-29

      Hi mdhruv,

      Can you show me online demo on Compiere CRM only (not ERP)?  For that what i have to do?


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