Can't complere sales order

  • kessler44

    kessler44 - 2004-04-14

    I am having a problem completeing a sales order.  when I click the complete button and select complete from the drop down menu the document status only changes to "in progress".  This only happens when the sales order is for an actual product.  When I create an SO for a resource it works fine.  Document type doesn't seem to be an issue either, as I have tried with several different document types.  When createing the SO I fill out everything that I need on the "Order" tab, then fill in all the nessasary line items in the "Order Line" tab.  Am I missing something?  Any suggestions?

    • Redhuan D. Oon

      Redhuan D. Oon - 2004-05-24

      It could be that something is amiss on that product(s). Check their 'availability' rule.

      "In Progress" also happens due to the accounting rule, i.e. whether the period is 'close' when it should be 'open' and sometimes when currency is wrong in the Cash Journal for POS (Cash terms sales) type.


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