urgent: how to send html mails to...

  • Mat

    Mat - 2005-02-23

    multiple recipients,

    Hi Forum...

    I figured out that with the send email text process ot's possible to send plain text messages to interest subscribers, BP's or BP groups.

    Any chance to send also html mails the same way? maybe even with attachments added?

    Hope anybody has an idea how to do this without coding.


    • lofx

      lofx - 2005-02-24


      i understand that you already tried marking the html tag in the e-mail template window and it does not work....................

      tell us how it came.....................

    • Mat

      Mat - 2005-02-24

      Hi Lofx,

      I entered the following text:


      and as the tags are displayed in this forum the same happened to my email....

      displayed with tags....

      btw: when I use the editor of the text-field I can enter my code as text and it's displayed propperly on the html tab

      • lofx

        lofx - 2005-02-24


        actually,  it is just not there, the fact that you mark a text as html does not do anything, and i hace checked down to the code..................
        nevertheless, if you can print a doc to html (haven't tried that yet, sorry)................ you can always use a htmlelement.java  file in the code that seems to adapt text files to html format.......

        Let me know if you need further help,


    • Mat

      Mat - 2005-02-25

      Hi Lofx,

      thanx for your support... unfortuntaly my java is still not that good to understand waht I have to do....

      As far as I got you there's a way to tell compiere to use a text as html code.

      This function SHOULD also be working with the "send mail process" but it isn't :-(

      So I have to modify the "send mail process" to check if the text is text or html and proceed according to this check.

      hmmm... but how to do that?


    • Paulo Emerique

      Paulo Emerique - 2005-08-12

      Hi Mat...did you solve this issue ? I modified Compiere Email class to handle HTML emails. Another issue I found is that emali body field limits to 2000 char, which is not enough for sofisticated HTML...this way I had to make compiere load HTML from external location.

      • Mat

        Mat - 2005-08-12

        Hi Paolo,

        thanx for your reply. I had to pause my Compiere efforts for some momth so I haven't found my way to a solution yet.

        I'm still focused on 2.5.1g and would be extemly happy to get some help. Maybe you can send me your modifications with a private message...

        thanx in advance



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