Custom Fields for Business Partner Data

Mark Royan
  • Mark Royan
    Mark Royan

    I am trying to track additional data for my business partners and would like to add custom fields for this data -- specifically we want to track information about our bueiness partner's. Is there already a function that will allow us to add custom fields to the database for a business partner?

    • Yes you can add new fields to the database.
      With a tool, like as SQL*Plus, add the column that you want create to the table that you need.
      Logged into Compiere as SuperUser/System go to Aplication Dictionary -> Table and Column. Then select the table that you modified and press the "Create Columns from DB" button. This add the new column to the Compiere's dictionary.
      After you must add the new Column to the business partner's window (in the tab that you want).

      Those they are the steps, very quickly, to do it.