e-Evolution is pleased to announce the new version of Kompiere Libero Manufacturing solution, based on Compiere 252d and PostgreSql. 
Kompiere Libero Manufacturing Solution is an open source professional software for SME, it takes all the power from Compiere & PostgreSQL and adds new functionality created by e-Evolution for the manufacturing industry, contains the following features: 
Compiere 252d (Java 5, JBoss4, Tomcat5) 
e-Database (PostgreSQL 8.0.3) 
Kompiere Manufacturing 
o Resource Management 
o Manufacturing Workflow 
o Bill of Material & Formulas 
o Order Manufacturing Management 
o Material Requirement Planning & Forecast 
o Capacity Requirement Planning 
o Cost Management 
We have been working to release Kompiere Libero Manufacturing Solution RC1, we hope everybody can download this version and help us to evaluate it. 
To download it, please go to http://www.e-evolution.com/kompiere/index.html 
Known Issues and Workarounds 
Oracle : 
Kompiere Libero Manufacturing solution Working on Oracle is already Stable. 
PostgreSQL : 
Issue: Use of the api rowset of the standard distribution of jdk1.5, does not work with postgre. The reason seems to be that Postgre's JDBC return -1 and the rowset needs 0. 
Consequence: You cannot setup the "create objects on server" preference. 
Issue: The Update sentence (for example: UPDATE C_Order o SET (Description,POReference) = (SELECT Description,POReference FROM C_Invoice i WHERE i.C_Order_ID=o.C_Order_ID)) This kind of sentences are still not supported by PostgreSQL. 
Consequence: At this moment it is not a big issue. 
Warning: Schema Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL, in some fields the size change (for example a field type Number(10) in PostgreSQL is Numeric(22)) 
Consequence: none 
Workaround: It is indispensable to extensively try Compiere functionality so we can release a stable version, we will appreciate the community help. 
New stuff: 
- Compiere 2.5.2d new stuff http://www.compiere.com/product/rel252.html 
- Easy GUI Install for linux 32 and 64 bits 
- Easy GUI Install for windows (very soon) 
- Kompiere solution is now compiled to run on jdk1.5.x 
- Kompiere solution is now compiled to run on JBOSS 4.0.2 and Tomcat 5.5 
- New Manufacturing modules mentioned above. 
- Free Query Builder Integration with Kompiere solution (BETA) 
- JFree Chart integration with Kompiere solution (CRP) 
- All the source code available 
- New set of icons 
Installation instructions 
- kit Develpment rpm installed 
- jdk1.5.x installed 
- JAVA_HOME variables declared 
- PostgreSQL is not running 
- Download install-linux.jar 
- Open a linux xterminal 
- Execute: xhost + 
- Create a Prostgre user 
$ useradd -d /home/postgres -m pgsql8 
$ passwd postgres 
- su postgres 
- Execute: java -jar install-linux.jar 
- Follow the steps 
- Note: Kompiere's database name is kompiere, sysdba password is compiere 
- Execute utils/RUN_Server2.sh & 
- Finally execute ./RUN_Compiere2.sh 
- jdk1.5.x installed 
- JAVA_HOME variables declared 
- Oracle installed 
- Download Kompiere252d.zip 
- Follow Compiere instructions 
To contact us please email us: info@e-evolution.com 
Donations at paypal: 
Victor Prez Jurez