How to send emails to Customers?

  • binh

    binh - 2005-07-07

    Hi all,
    Now i try to study the CRM function in Compiere. And i want to send emails to my customers to introduce my products. So, please tell me how to do that!.

    Thanks a lot!

    • knowledgeblueba

      knowledgeblueba - 2005-07-08

      Hi Binh,

      The Send Mail Text function will allow you to send emails to customers based on BP groups, user/contacts and or interest areas that you can set up. You may group all of your customers and send them emails this way, but you can also drill down and send individual emails by selecting user/ contact.
      If the customers send in a Request from your website, then you can send a email directly to them from that screen.
      I hope this helped.


    • binh

      binh - 2005-07-11

      Hi BA,
      Thanks a lot for your helps!. Now, I can send an email to only one Business Parter following the guideline at
      Please tell me how to do If I want to send an email to Customers based on BP groups or an interest area.

      Thanks in advance!

    • knowledgeblueba

      knowledgeblueba - 2005-07-11


      Greetings! The Send Mail Text will allow you to send emails to BP groups or interest areas that you have already set up. Start the process and use the drop down menus from the pop up to select the BP group or interest area.
      Have a great day!


    • binh

      binh - 2005-07-12

      Hi BA,
      Please explain your instruction more detail :-).
      Now, to send an email. I do the following steps (I use Compiere 2.5.2b):
      1. Open Request(all) window
      2. Select Action Type of Email, select Sales representative, BPartner, User/Contact.
      3. Click the Process Request button.
      =>Only a message has been sent.

      I can not found any popup as your mention.
      Please help me BA :-).

      P/S: I try to use Compiere 2.5.2d, the Request(all) window is so difference from the version 2.5.2b. And  I can not found the Process Request button on it.

      Best regards

    • binh

      binh - 2005-07-12

      Hi BA,
      I wonder if Compiere fully support CRM. I cannot found the guideline to use this function from the Compiere web site such as: Marketing Campaign Management, Customer Profitability Analysis except some short description about them at

      Please advice!

    • Nam TranVan

      Nam TranVan - 2006-01-18

      You have to buy this guideline from

    • stalin

      stalin - 2006-05-13

      i am try to create a new process in the compiere.
      for that i will try to create a view for existing table but it is create a view .
      plz help me


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