Subscription / service management

  • Jeff Warnica

    Jeff Warnica - 2005-02-14


    I wondering if Compiere has some features. Im new to large ERP systems, so I'm not quire sure what the right, generic, termonology would be.

    The business problem is ISP billing and management. All/most of our products are virtual, dial-up connectivity, email, etc. Currently all the services are billed on an anual basis.  Ideally a new system could work on any interval.

    What would be ideal is a financial system that handles account creation, recurring billing, cancalation. When an add/change/cancel happens it should do "something", writes out a log or provisioning command that something else would handle.

    Also nice would be "bundles", groups of services that are a single billing item, but when they happen, would send multiple provisioning commands.

    Thanks for any advice!

    • lofx

      lofx - 2005-02-16


      i think most of your requirements are "somehow" covered by Compiere. Bundles are bom, i.e., lists of products that can be sold together as a single item.
      Document types and automatic processes would cover some of your needs.
      Another provider of services via internet already posed some questions about the adequacy of Compiere for this kind of business, the community made some "free consulting", the user tested the application and as far as i know he went ahead with the project.
      Just tell us what you need and we will try to help you see if Compiere covers it partially, completely or lacks it completely.


    • jonjon

      jonjon - 2005-08-14


      I have tried working with the subscription and don't know if it
      is user error or a bug, but it will not let me save a record because the "paid until" field will not accept any data and when the saving the record it complains about that field. I looked in the manual and there is nothing that covers subscriptions.



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