How gets executed?

  • gaurav

    gaurav - 2006-08-05

    Hi All
    I created few lines in Cash Journal and was running the same from Eclipse in debug mode. I created breakpoints in and to check how and when they get executed. On Comleting and posting Cash Journal, i found that cursor does not go into these files and the sode written in these files are not executed.
    Please help and tell me how and when these files get executed and which function of which class calls them?
    And my second query is posting is done in compiere? I mean which file is used for accounts posting? and how it searches for Application server in code,while posting.



    • Colin Rooney

      Colin Rooney - 2006-08-05

      I think Doc_Cash is what happens when the document is processed by the Accounting Processor (if for example you were to pess the "not posted" button ...
      Look at MCash & MCashLine that might be what you are after


    • gaurav

      gaurav - 2006-08-07

      Hi Colin
      Thanks for the reply :)
      I have already seen MCash and MCashLine but i just wanted to know when Doc_Cash comes in to picture and when it gets executed and which file gets executed while posting?
      Please tell me

      Thaks again


      • Colin Rooney

        Colin Rooney - 2006-08-07

        Like I said, it (Doc_cash) looks like it is run by the Accounting processor!  But you won't see that in your trace because it's run by the server not the client - which is what you are running from Eclipse.
        I'm not sure but perhaps when you select the "Not Posted" button it runs the postings in the client ... but it most probably will just submit the document to the background process immediately.

        re: i just wanted to know when Doc_Cash...which file gets executed while posting
        then you need to start looking at the accounting processor which runs on the server... I think you are correct in that Doc_Cash & DocLine_Cash are repsonsible for cashbook postings. But to run a trace in them you would need to run the server itself in eclispe .. not something I have done but perhaps soemone else can help ...  I half remember an article on the the site on that subject it might be worth seaching through it!?

        good luck


    • karsten-thiemann

      Hi Gaurav,

      I guess you need to debug the application server remotely. Please see for details. It worked fine for me.



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