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Jim Drewes
  • Jim Drewes

    Jim Drewes - 2007-04-27

    I have a client who recently implemented Compiere, and they need all of their old data from a legacy system imported into Compiere.  This includes invoices down to the line-item level, all of their financials and accounts, all of their customers and vendor, and the products and price lists.  The legacy data exists in dbase format, which would be easy enough to transform into excel sheets, or CSV or tab-delimited files.  To make things even more tricky, there is a little bit of data that is already in Compiere.

    Is this possible?  How big of a task is this?  Are the pre-packaged file loaders sufficient?


    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2007-04-27


      This seems to be an interesting project, I have done this type of implementation before, the general steps are:

      1. Check the available import loaders in Compiere, and see if there are enough import entities available
      2. If there is an entity not already available, you might have to build it yourself through AD customization /Java extension.
      3. The trickiest part is to exclude your client data already available in Compiere, you have to be familiarized with compiere accounting to do that
      4. Then you test and run the data imports, and post them
      5. Review the imported data then you are done.

      Hope this helps,

      Enrique Ruibal

    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2007-04-28

      re "This includes invoices down to the line-item level, all of their financials and accounts,"

      Have you considered that if you import documents like sales invoices then you will also need to import payments, shipments etc. Each payment will need to be allocated (again) to its respective invoice since it is unlikley that auto-allocate will achive the same what has been done in the old system.

      Each document will need to be posted. The chance of it posting and producing the same financial result as that which is in the historical data seems remote since such things as product costs will not be the same as what they were when the historical transactions was posted.

      Perhaps you could just import their history as a big general ledeger journal transaction and ensure that all the necessary reference information is included in the description field in the transaction.

      As business partner project and product can be recorded in the accounting facts in a journal (if part of the account schema) it is possible to retain a substantial amount of the history and ensure that the transactions entered match the previously reported financial results.


    • ken_longnan

      ken_longnan - 2007-04-28

      Hi Jim,

      We have data tool to support export data from compiere to XML and import XML into compiere. If you can convert your data(csv,excel,tab-delimited) to XML format, it will be a easy task for importing data into compiere by using our data tool. Otherwise, I think this task is big and more or less complicated.

      Just FYI!


    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2007-04-28

      I absolutely agree with Adaxa's perspective about this issue, it is far easier/most recommended to import data only from GL Journals and leave the rest of the loaders only for specific items that are still open e.g. pending invoices, etc...

      Enrique R.


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