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  • MZI

    MZI - 2006-05-03

    Dear Compiere Developers,
    I am very interested in Compiere, and I would like to know how do you work with Compiere within EU.
    Pls. correct me if I am wrong, but in current version of Compiere253b, I still miss complex functionality needed for VAT in the EU.
    As I was going through discussions and support/feature requests, I see only partial  needs for VAT functionality. ( prepayments, VAT based on ship from etc.)

    But, there are quite many other requirements to do correct VAT accounting. For example:

    Unrealized VAT (VAT that is calculated but not due until the invoice is paid)
    Reverse Charge VAT (trade with other countries within the EU where the purchaser must calculate and settle VAT accounts with the tax authorities.)
    VAT- VIES Declaration (report is used when you report to the customs and tax authorities list system regarding sales to other EU countries.)
    VAT used in CashJournal ( VAT calculated from cash expenses)

    But, I see there are companies within EU that offer their services for Compiere implementation.
    So I have few questions.

    1) Do you have this functionality in your own business solutions or you just dont need it?

    2) I have already did one Solution Design for VAT functionality. In my previous job, we were implementing VAT in our software to fulfill legislation in new EU member countries.
    So if I prepare full functional specification, would any experienced developer be willing to        co-operate with me to implement VAT in Compiere? 

    Thanks Miso.

    • Roberto Simoni

      Roberto Simoni - 2006-10-18

      Hi Miso,
      Have you already heard about the new project named ADEMPIERE? It is a fork from COMPIERE.

      The leaders are the best professionals in COMPIERE and they want to follow the Bazaar login instead of the Catedral one.

      Try to follow the development of this project, may be this is the right occation to solve the COMPIERE limits. The VAT is one of the biggest to use Compiere in Europe.

      Best regards
      Robereto Simoni


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