Rama Chavali - 2008-06-27

Hi All,

I work for a small manufacturing company and I am researching an ERP System to implement. Recently, we've decided to implement Siemens's PLM suite TeamCenter. Is there currently any interoperability between Compiere ERP system and TeamCenter? What are the XML capabilities of Compiere, TeamCenter can be configured export XML in a custom formats. Is Compiere erp system compatible with PLM-XML? If Compiere ERP system does not currently support TeamCenter integration with PLM-XML, and the developers of Compiere ERP system see this is something they'd like to achieve, we'd been more than willing to partner with Compiere ERP system to achieve this. OOTB interoperability with TeamCenter/PLM from Siemens would help Compiere ERP system gain market share.

I would also like to talk one-on-one if possible.

- Rama