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  • Sudheer Palarambil

    Hello Friends,

       I am new to Compiere, I downloaded the source from SVN.

       I am using Eclipse 3.3.2
           java version 1.6.0_07 (jre1.6.0_07)
           Compiler compliance level is 6.0

       The src/org/compiere/util/CCachedRowSet,java is giving the following error.

    Name clash: The method setTypeMap(Map<String,Class<?>>) of type
    BaseRowSet has the same erasure as setTypeMap(Map) of type  RowSet  but does not override it

        How to get rid of this error?
        Thank you.

    Sudheer Palaparambil

    • tpaul

      tpaul - 2009-01-13

      Hi Sudheer, i have this errors. hope we work around it.

    • shankar

      shankar - 2009-04-13


      Change the Eclipse version to 3.4 and this cachedreset problem because of Java.

      In AD Project goto Properties in Build path move the JDK to top (Sequence)

      Your problem will be solved


    • venkat666

      venkat666 - 2009-06-30


      Please tell me , how to run in eclipse ?how to setup development environment?what are the setups required to run the compiere source?


    • venkat666

      venkat666 - 2009-07-01

      Hi All,

      Actually , go to Run --> open run dialog --> Java Application  click new  , I given name is compiere3.2 , but I am not able to browse and select  the "project" ,it is showing  empty,  and  "Main class" also empty…

      Please tell me , what can I do for displaying …Please if you have any documents or any links , Please share with me

      Thanks in advance


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