• Zarius

    Zarius - 2006-07-10

    My Report works fine, but i want to add 2 parameters: begining Year and end Year. And i want to see all the rows between this two years.

    I have try just with 1 year and it works fine, but it shows me only the rows from this specific year.

    Maybe programing a report? but i dont know:
    1º Where to create it.
    2º How to get the year params
    3º How to modify the select to generate correctly my info

    thx at all

    • Carlos Ruiz

      Carlos Ruiz - 2006-07-10

      Hi, which report are you trying to filter?

      Is a report already built in Compiere, or a report you constructed?

      Is based on a reportView?
      If yes, has the ReportView the year column?

      Carlos Ruiz - globalqss

    • Zarius

      Zarius - 2006-07-11

      Hi QSS thx for your help,

      Yes it's my own constructed view based on a reportView with the C_Year_ID column.

    • Alejandro Falcone

      Hi Zarius,

      Just check the Range option for the parameter in the Parameter's Tab of Report&Process's window.

      I believe that that solves your problem.


    • Zarius

      Zarius - 2006-07-12

      Hi  Alex,

      Yea you'r rigth but I try it: The problem is that the 2º box apears not allowed... It works fine with the textbox and the timestamp but not with the tabledir... ¿Any idea?

    • Carlos Ruiz

      Carlos Ruiz - 2006-07-12

      Idea: use Year column in your view instead of C_Year.


      Carlos Ruiz - globalqss

    • Zarius

      Zarius - 2006-07-13


      I have add a column named Year on my View, and i ask for the two years with 1 texbox with the option "Range" on. Configured for the column Year it works.

      It would be nice to have combobox instead of textbox but...

      Now it works, it's better than nothing.

      Thx to QSS & Alejandro.


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