How to Add new combo box for existing window

  • vinay kurudi

    vinay kurudi - 2008-12-15

    Hi All,
    I am very new to Implementation of Compiere3.1. I want to add a new combo box to Lead window. how to do this.
    It should be appear in the existing lead window and i need to populate data into that Combo box. how to do this.

    Please can you please give the clue.

    Thanks in Advance
    Vinay Kurudi

    • shankar

      shankar - 2009-04-13

      Hello Vinay

      In compiere there is a feature called Reference, using that you can achieve this

      For example take AD_Client_ID field, suppose the Client table contains 10 records, it will show all the ten values in one combo box. For that they will use Reference as Table Direct

      If you have any table records , for that records you want a combo box, then simple give the Reference as Table Direct,

      Otherwise explain me whats your scenario, i will give more idea



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