Translation Problems

  • Sergey Vishniakov

    Hi all,

    I have created new table TM_Cntr, this is register for Countries

        TM_Cntr_ID  NUMBER(10,0),
        AD_Client_ID   NUMBER(10,0)      NOT NULL,
        AD_Org_ID      INTEGER           NOT NULL,
        IsActive       CHAR(1)           DEFAULT 'Y' NOT NULL,
        Created        DATE              DEFAULT SYSDATE NOT NULL,
        CreatedBy      NUMBER(10,0)      NOT NULL,
        Updated        DATE              DEFAULT SYSDATE NOT NULL,
        UpdatedBy      NUMBER(10,0)      NOT NULL,
        Value          NVARCHAR2(40)     UNIQUE NOT NULL,
        Name           NVARCHAR2(60)     NOT NULL,
        Description    NVARCHAR2(255),
        Help           NVARCHAR2(2000),
        primary key(TM_Cntr_ID),
        foreign key(AD_Client_ID) references AD_Client(AD_Client_ID),
        foreign key(AD_Org_ID) references AD_Org(AD_Org_ID),
        CHECK(IsActive IN ('Y', 'N'))

    after that, this table was described in AD.

    Problem is arise when i try to use TM_Cntr_ID_To as Reference Type - Table, and created reference with this table(TM_Cntr) name in the existing tables, C_BPartner for example... and when i use NOT en_US interface language.

    I have error message:
    ===========> MLookup.getDirect: TM_Cntr.TM_Cntr_ID: SQL=SELECT TM_Cntr.TM_Cntr_ID,NULL,TM_Cntr_Trl.Name,TM_Cntr.IsActive FROM TM_Cntr INNER JOIN TM_Cn
    tr_TRL ON (TM_Cntr.TM_Cntr_ID=TM_Cntr_Trl.TM_Cntr_ID AND TM_Cntr_Trl.AD_Language='ru_RU') WHERE TM_Cntr.TM_Cntr_ID=?; Key=1000001 [13]
    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    ; State=42000; ErrorCode=942

    How I can use new tables with NON en_US interface, without creation of *_Trl tables? And without using Table Direct as Reference Type?


    • Carlos Ruiz

      Carlos Ruiz - 2006-08-07

      Hi Sergey.

      1 - Why don't you use the C_Country table?

      2 - You have marked the TM_Cntr.Name column as Translated in "Table and Column" window, this is why Compiere is trying to find the translation.


      Carlos Ruiz - globalqss

    • Sergey Vishniakov

      Hi Carlos

      1. We don't use all this countries, and i want to add new records into City Tab, without logginh in as System Administrator.

      2. TM_Cntr.Name column is NOT Translated, and NOT Marked as Translated. The same situation we have in Window, Tab & Column

    • albert

      albert - 2006-08-10

      * org.compiere.model.
      //  Translation
              if (isTranslated && !Env.isBaseLanguage(language, TableName))
                  realSQL.append(" FROM ").append(TableName)
                      .append(" INNER JOIN ").append(TableName).append("_TRL ON (")
                      .append(" AND ").append(TableName).append("_Trl.AD_Language='")

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    • Sergey Vishniakov


      Thank you ALbert, i found the problem.

      We need to use column name another than "Name". Because column AD_Column.isTranslated = true for column "NAME" with ID=102.


    • albert

      albert - 2006-08-11

      Which language is your BaseLanguage
      Please set it...
      It will work

    • albert

      albert - 2006-08-11

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    • Sergey Vishniakov

      Thank you Albert.

      I'll try... but it possible only under SQL Plus, Tora? We have Base Language field is ReadOnly...  or... we can try to remove read-only for IsBaseLanguage field? :-)


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