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  • DigitalArmour

    DigitalArmour - 2007-01-08

    We created a report and we want that report to be available via webstore for customers. We would like to keep a button in the webstore, so that when they click on that button they get asked details (such as the date range for the report) and then process the report in the backend and email it to the customer. Is this achievable? If yes, can you pls give me some ideas

    many thanks

    • Yves Sandfort

      Yves Sandfort - 2007-01-09

      Might be easier to solve via CM instead of Webstore, but all of this will be quite a lot of work to be done.


    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2007-01-14

      Hi mani,

      I guess there are two approaches for this the 'simple one' and a second one we can call 'second approach'.

      First Lets go with the first approach wich is more straightforward:

      1. We could take an example from Compiere's HTML interface, on version 2.60a, take a look at the Aging Report in GardenWorld Example and it would follow something like:

      - We have the user select a couple of parameters for the report to-be through HTML interface, hence we call ProcessCtl
      - Then we have Compiere generate the report using standard classes ReportCtl and ReportEngine
      - Then we have Compiere generate the report's PDF file using also ReportEngine
      - and finally we allow it to send it through a valid user's email address with Email.send()

      and...that's it.

      2. Now the second alternative would be a little more elaborate, this would be using WebStore functionality

      - We set a product through the webstore of service type with a name like 'Report' and have the user make the order of this 'Report' through the webstore
      - We also allow the user to select the report's parameters through this web order page
      - Compiere then processes the customer order by generating the report and automatically generates a 'shipment'
      - This would place the requested report on your customer's MyAssets folder on the webstore and also send an email notifying this

      as you know there would be several extra advantages about handling the alternative solution No. 2

      I hope these suggestions could work out for you, please let me know if you need Proffessional Support for this through my sourcefourge email address.


      Enrique Ruibal


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