problem in the print-src

Xang Thio
  • Xang Thio

    Xang Thio - 2009-05-14

    i'm currently trying to prepare the project development on compiere using eclipse for my thesis study, yet i got a problem while starting up the new project.

    there's an error in the print/src file -, and there's error in the code regarding PdfGraphics2D.HyperLinkKey

    can somebody help me with a hint to solve this problem? thanks before

    my environment is:
    Windows Vista
    Postgre DB


    • sre

      sre - 2009-05-15

      can u post the kind of error ?

    • Xang Thio

      Xang Thio - 2009-05-18

      it told that the PdfGraphics2D.HyperLinkKey  cannot be resolved..

      though it cannot be resolved, when i tried to debug the main program, the error does not affect the debug process, and the system can be used correctly.

    • sre

      sre - 2009-05-18

      Could you check that library "iText" exists in compiere-all2/tools/lib and that you have an entry for this in your buildpath

    • Xang Thio

      Xang Thio - 2009-05-19

      yes, it has already been in the build path.. the version of the iText is 2.1.3, yet the error is still there..

      i just figured out that the error affects on the report printing..

      any solutions? thanks before

      • sre

        sre - 2009-05-19

        What version do you use ?
        What's your real problem ?
        Is it a compile or running issue ?

    • Xang Thio

      Xang Thio - 2009-05-19

      hmm..if i'm not mistaken, the version is 3.2.0 (checked on the

      there is no compile problem, without that part, the system can run well. but when i try to print some reports, the layout of the printings is messed up.. it doesn't show a proper report layout.

      the error sign in the tells that the PdfGraphics2D.HyperLinkKey cannot be resolved..


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