• Zarius

    Zarius - 2006-07-21

    Hi maybe someone can help me.

    I nee to have a combobox defined with AD with the table names of all the AD tables. And One search entity.

    When I select 1 table, the search shows the content of the selected table to select 1 row.

    That's because i want to have 1 AD_Table_ID and 1 AD_Table_ID.Row_ID to store.

    very hard...

    plz help

    • albert

      albert - 2006-07-24

      dear all:
      This is Taiwan Support Team Ph.D. Albert Chen
      We Support your worldwild business..

      public static Info create (Frame frame, boolean modal, int WindowNo,
      String tableName, String keyColumn, String value,
      boolean multiSelection, String whereClause)
      Info info = null;
      >>>>>>add this>>>>>>>>
      String cont = Env.getContext(ctx, Env.WINDOW_INFO, Env.TAB_INFO, "AD_Table_ID");
      if (cont.length() > 0)    contID = Integer.parseInt(cont);
      tableName = getTableName(contID);
      if (tableName.equals("C_BPartner"))
      info = new InfoBPartner (frame, modal, WindowNo,  value, !Env.getContext(Env.getCtx(),"IsSOTrx").equals("N"),
      multiSelection, whereClause);
      else if (tableName.equals("M_Product"))    info = new InfoProduct (frame, modal, WindowNo, 0,0, value, multiSelection, whereClause);
      else if.......

      >>>>>>add this>>>>>>>>
      protected int gettableName (int tableID)


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