"Warning! No persistance object for......"

  • i-dcar

    i-dcar - 2004-08-14

    hello everybody,

    actually i just created  a new table called "Classification" and i included it in Sales Order window as a new tab named "Classification". everything is o.k but... when i entered new data and save it on the classification table..., this warning appears..

    " No persistance object for Classification"

    Could anybody please tell me about this warning and how can i fix it. I am worried if this warning will effect the compiere system.

    hopefully somebody can help me.


    • tinhvadoi

      tinhvadoi - 2004-08-14

      you have to write code for this class

    • Marco LOMBARDO

      Marco LOMBARDO - 2004-08-14

      Never faced this problem so it's quite interesting :-)
      If you could look at the trace and post which class/method is showing the waring it won't be bad.

      As a solution try generate the X_Classification.java with the GenerateModel.java. And put it under
      where all the models are.

      Then extend it (even in a basic way)  writing Classification.java and put it under
      where all extended classes are.
      Rebuild Compiere.

      Hope this help.

      enneenne dot com

    • i-dcar

      i-dcar - 2004-08-16

      thanks guys for ur help,

      actually i only created this "Classification" table without write it code. maybe this is the problem...,
      so, when we create new table we actually need to write it code..., is it right?
      acually how i want to makesure my new code can match and fix with my compiere and my table created?
      maybe somebody can tell me?



    • Marco LOMBARDO

      Marco LOMBARDO - 2004-08-16

      Yes spend 30 seconds more in reading my precedent post. :-)


      ps: if the solution is the X_Classification and Classification classes (I'm not sure about this):
        - you can generate X_Classification.java with GenerateModel.main method. It generate the java code from the table/column definition you have done.
        - Classification.java can be as simple as

      public class Classification extends X_Classification{
        public Classification() {

      or as complicated as you want.

    • Neil Gordon

      Neil Gordon - 2004-08-16

      Please post your table structure

      Usually you don't need to write code for most simple solutions

    • tinhvadoi

      tinhvadoi - 2004-08-17

      Mar, i have some questions

      1 how do i create correct X_xxx.java form GenerateModel class

      2 i created a new window with window type is transaction, i wrote code for it, but when i save, its fields dont modify. i dont understand why
      have you got idea

    • i-dcar

      i-dcar - 2004-08-18

      tq very much guys...

      actually i had solved my problem...,  i create java code from the table that i created using GenerateModel. As a result i can process or save new data that i enter as normally.

      i really appreciate your help.



    • fung

      fung - 2004-08-18

      Hi i-dcar,

      How could i use GenerateModel.java to create the java code for the new window that i create under C_Order?

      Thanks a lot!!


    • i-dcar

      i-dcar - 2004-09-23

      helo fung,

      hopefully iam not too late to answer ur question.

      u mean's u mant to generate java code for additional column that u just created in table C_Order. is't right?

      i am not sure if this is the best solution. actually for existing table.. i manually write the java code for the additional columns. just go to X_C_Order.java and create a new method for each column that created before. what i am understood.. contents of this file are used to communicate with the database in other words called "setter getter".

      i thinks in any X_  java file u can find many examples how to write this code.  it's not so difficult to write the code. just becareful with the name of the column exp: "C_Order_ID" u specify in the method must  exactly same with the name u created in the table.

      maybe anybody can also share the solutions how to solve this problem.

      fung, sorry becoz too late reply ur msg.


    • Redhuan D. Oon

      Redhuan D. Oon - 2004-09-28

      Neil is right. In many cases, though sounds complicated, the solution may just be new fields (with elements selected), some callouts the most, and no GenerateModel.
      The Callout framework of getValue and setValue does persist the info in the Oracle database.

      Whereas using GenerateModel, that results in X_* setters and getters are just for new methods that you want to create outside the callout framework. Both seems to be different models of db interfacing in their own right.

      I have given my case tutorials here http://red1.org/ about callouts. In fact i never did a GenerateModel before for all my cases. If things still not clear, or any interesting discovery, pls share.



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