EKL - 2007-08-27

Sorry wrong posting in other topic.


I'm trying to find out the relationship between those m_attribute% tables.
So that, I can build a different order module which will be integrating Compiere later. I have reasons why I need to build that extra order module after studying the Compiere environment.

- Have already define many products called T-Shirt, T-Shirt1, T-Shirt2.... which having attribute set = T-Shirt Attribute.
- T-Shirt Attribute has attributes: Color, Size, Nature
- Has already physical inventory product for these attribute instance (means system already created m_attributesetinstance_id)
- T-Shirt:Blue, L, Demo
- T-Shirt:Blue, XL, Demo
- T-Shirt:Black, L, Demo
- T-Shirt:Black, M, Demo
- T-Shirt1:Blue, L, Demo
- T-Shirt1:Blue, XL, Demo
- T-Shirt2:Black, L, Demo
- T-Shirt2:Black, M, Demo
- a lot more.......................for all the combination, few thousand records

Logic Flow:
1.) User Choose a product, those attributes will be prompted for input:
example, What Color:-> What Size-> What Nature
2.) User will select each attribute value accordingly
3.) Next, from each of the m_attribute_id and m_attributevalue_id, I try to get the m_attributesetinstance_id from m_attributeinstance.

But, from the above, I can't even get those related attribute set instance related to a product. Anything wrong with my logic? Or there is something else that I need before I can get the m_attributesetinstance_id?

Please help. Thanks