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  • skouk

    skouk - 2007-01-12

    Hi all,

    This is my first post here so pls. bear with me as I haven't studied a lot about Compiere:)

    We are currently working on a project for which we will be using a workflow engine. We will need to implement mediation building blocks to enable interoperability between our BPEL engine and Compiere. The operations enabled by such mediation block are expected to be mainly:
    o    CRUD (create, read, update, delete) of business information (e.g. entries related to customer data, resource management, accounting, etc ),
    o    Invocation of sub-processes modelled as workflows inside Compiere.

    At this stage I am interested in documenting the specification of such an interoperability. What I 'd like to ask is
    someone to point me exactly where in the documentation of Compiere I can find relevant info. I know that there are general obvious answers such as Web Services, XML, Wf-XML. However, I'd like to see documented which of these technologies are supported by Compiere, how exactly, and the various architectural and implementation solutions possible.

    If anybody could instead write a few lines about the architecture of those solutions I'd be grateful,too.

    Thanks in advance

    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2007-01-13


      This is interesting what you are requesting and I don't think there is a comprehensive document about Compiere's inner working, however you can take a look at SF project Compiere Monitor  at this link

      I found it very interesting I think it is the most complete public document on the give at a look and lets see if this helps :-)


      Enrique Ruibal

    • skouk

      skouk - 2007-01-15

      Thanks for the link Enrique:-)

      You are obviously referring to the pdf document "DiplomaArbeit in English", as this is the only document I can find on that page.
      The problem with this document is that it is a translation of a thesis in German performed probably by a translation software. Literally, I can not find a complete English sentence in there, thus I can't really understand the content.
      I'll try to have a closer look and see if I can find anything related to what I want, but I am not very optimistic I must say:)

      Any other ideas?

      • Oliver

        Oliver - 2007-01-15

        Hey skouk,

        well im the guy who wrote the german thesis of that link. And you're right - that english translation of my thesis was done by some mexican students with an automatic translation. I also think its not this usefull due the badly generated english. I just dont have the time nor the mood to translate that all.

        Ah well - sorry. Maybe check the "Adempiere"-site. Maybe they already generated some docs and till now i guess they dont have done too much inner changes yet. (just know of some table-changes...)  But maybe worth a try.

        good luck and greets,

    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2007-01-15


      I suggest you look hard into the document as it is one of the few public available documents on technical inners of Compiere, you might also find something up on Compilo Project also in SF, as for previously refered Compiere Monitor, take a close look at the pictures providede, and specially these sections:

      2.4 Structure or ERP System it talks about Data application layer, retention layer, presentation layer and so on..
      3.0 Talks about adaptive ERP systems
      4.0 Compiere functionality
      4.2.2 Application Structure
      4.4 Explains how Compiere processor works
      4.3 Database Structure
      4.5 Class Diagrams of Object invoked
      4.6 Presentation Layer

      So Maybe if would be worthwile for you to pay some professional to translate at least part of this document...there are many translating services on the web :-)


      Enrique Ruibal


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