Issue displaying fields in Payment window 302

  • Yan

    Yan - 2009-05-07


    I wanted to add "IsReconciled" field to my payment window.
    So I went to the "Field Sequence" tab in the windows add and i move IsReconciled from the left column (available) to the right one (Sequence).
    Then I open the payment window but couldn't see the new field... :-(

    I checked everything : the field is active, displayed and has a sequence.
    Thus I don't understand.

    Some times ago, i was able to add and remove fields from this window.
    I try to add some others fields to others windows and it worked fine !!

    Any idea ?


    • sre

      sre - 2009-05-15

      Possibly a translation issue.
      Are you logged in base Language ?
      Does translation exists for this field ?


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