Default Logic Variables - Windows and Tabs

  • Rob

    Rob - 2006-10-30


    Hopefully this is very simple!

    I need to pass a value from a Combo in the Business Partner Screen to a customised Check Requests accessed from the toolbar.

    How do you simple call variables from Windows and Tabs using Default Logic?

    So say from the Tools | Preference | Context there are variables like:-
    2|C_TaxCategory_ID == 1000000
    3|1|Name == Shipment Line

    I would have thought the default logic would be:-

    Can you tell me what the correct format is or am I totally on the wrong tracks?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Vincent Harcq

      Vincent Harcq - 2006-11-19

      @C_Currency_ID@ is the current context (from the current window/tabs)
      @#AD_client_ID@ is the global context (set at login time)


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