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  • fourthdimension

    fourthdimension - 2006-07-06

    In Compiere,in any window when we click Data grid toggle buttion in the menu.Fields are displayed in multi row it possible to interchange the columns sequence as like single row layout format.

    It should be retained when i open the same window next time.



    • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)


      i do not understand your question well, but if you ask for order of columns in Grid mode it is the same like in single view.

      If you ask if default Grid or Single view can be store, yes. Just login as System Admin and change it in Window.


    • Carlos Ruiz

      Carlos Ruiz - 2006-07-06

      > It should be retained when i open the same window next time.

      Compiere doesn't retaint this configuration in a user basis.

      The layout (Grid/Single) is defined at Tab.
      And the order of fields is defined in seqNo of fields.

      It's not a User Preference yet.

      Carlos Ruiz - globalqss

      • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)

        I understand now,

        thank's Carlos,

        It would be good feature, i hope someone could support development of it.


    • Zarius

      Zarius - 2006-07-13

      Hi, I'm not sure but i think u can configurate that with System Masters -> Window, Tabs & Fields choose Tab -> Field Secuence sets the order

      on Fields tab the "Display" option alows visibility on the 2 modes and (i think) "Heading Only" option alows visibility only on Data grid  view

      • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)


        I never tested this two checkboxes ["Heading Only" and "Field Only"].

        But i think that their purpose is:

        1) "Heading Only" - Show only name of the field. In fact it fails, user can see message in log that Editor is not created.

        2) "Field Only" - Show only value of field. This works, but why anyone would need it? In fact Field only is reasonable, by this way we can show calculated fields. Like BPartner ID and BPartner Name. SO i could accept Field Only.

        In Grid view compiere do not respect this setting and just show everything.



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