New Doc Base Types

  • Eduardo Montenegro

    Dear all,

    Could you please help me validate if I'm not missing anything?

    I had the need to define a new Doc Base Type for shipment, because I needed a different acounting consequence, instead of the default CoGS-DR/Inventory-CR, I wanted to be able to specify a different account for DR.

    Here's what I did:

    - Created new fields for the new account in C_ACCTSCHEMADEFAULT, M_PRODUCT_CATEGORY_ACCT, M_PRODUCT_ACCT to define the new account I want to use;

    - Created the new doc base type in the Reference List;

    - Created and opened a new period;

    - Declared the new doc in;

    - Changed the;

    TODO: Check how to "propagate" this new default account (when creating products and/or product categories)

    I have tested and everything seems to be working just the way I wanted. I only want to be sure that I'm not missing anything, any comments will be appreciated.

    If everything is correct, I believe this can be considered a small "Task list" for creating new doc types.


    • Vincent Harcq

      Vincent Harcq - 2006-11-19

      Good work !

      What would be nice to have is a "plugin" capabilities.
      Check what I propose as addition to Compiere in the Contributions.

      Implemented for Doc_ classe would mean being able te add a Doc_ class for new document or replace Doc_ class for existing document.


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