• Zarius

    Zarius - 2006-06-26


    I create a new tree. I want to see this tree on a window, how can i Link the created tree with my window?

    On Window/tab there's a field called 'have tree' I put this field 'on' but nothing happends.

    I supose that i have to link the tab with a specific tree... How to?

    • florianb_

      florianb_ - 2006-07-18

      Hi Zariux,

      did you already solve your problem? Otherwise, I could help you.

    • Zarius

      Zarius - 2006-07-19

      hi florianb, no, i have not solve the problem. It would be nice if you can explain me somethnig.


    • florianb_

      florianb_ - 2006-08-06

      Adding a new tree to a window is, unfortunately, not as easy as simply clicking the 'HasTree' checkbox, although this is neccessary, of course.

      It also requires to add a new table which holds information about parent/child relations in the tree. This table must have the same structure as the predefined AD_TreeNodeXXX tables. You can take these as an example (refer to:\). Additionally, you will have to make source code modifications in order to have your table be used for the tree. Again, you can be geared to the org.compiere.model.X_AD_TreeNodeXXX classes and their derivatives (by the way, don'T forget to generate a class for your table as well).

      Additionally, you will have to create a new entry in the 'References' window. Choose 'Table Validation' as validation type, and fill in the values as in 'C_BPartner Parent', for example.

      I hope I did not forget an important step. I played a little bit around with the thing, until it finally worked (which it now does), so I do not have precise and complete step-by-step instructions. Try it by yourself, and you will make it as well.

      Nota bene: I had a lot of trouble because I did not set primary keys and foreign keys (at least not in a meaningful way), which hindered my tree from working. Don't make the same mistake.

    • Zarius

      Zarius - 2006-08-07

      thx very much for all these info. I will try it.
      One more thing... your url does'nt work ;)

    • florianb_

      florianb_ - 2006-08-19

      That's right, the URL does not work. Just remove the closing bracket and the full stop and it does:


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