Chinese accounting.csv

  • BjornMW

    BjornMW - 2006-05-30

    Hi there,

    has anybody created a sample accounting.csv for the chinese market. I am not so familiar with the standards here yet and glad for any hints or smaple files.


    • BjornMW

      BjornMW - 2006-06-05

      As there have not been many responses yet, but I know there are some implementations of compiere in China, I am wondering if these use other software for the accounting part?
      Is so, why?

      Is there someone with good accounting background who is willing to develop such an chart of accounts file to import in Compiere for us (paid).


    • clee1868

      clee1868 - 2006-06-06

      Let me know your specific industry. I have some Chart of accounts translated in Chinese for trading company.

    • BjornMW

      BjornMW - 2006-06-07

      Hi Clee 1868,

      we are in manufacturing business. So trading might be different. On the other hand during my internet research I often read that the laws in China regulate exactly how the Chart of Accounts should look like and that it is the same for all companies. I am not sure if this is true.

      In Germany for example there are some guidelines and if you search in Google for SKR03 (an abbreviatiion for one schema) than you can find that information.

      This should exist for China!?!? Then I would only have to map the accounts to COmpiere default accounts.


    • BjornMW

      BjornMW - 2006-06-19

      I have now set up a basic Chart of Accounts according to the ASBE (Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises) in China.
      It might still need some improvement for the mapping of the Default accounts.
      If anyone is interested I could send the files.


      • Leon

        Leon - 2006-06-19

        Hello Bjorn,

        Could you please also give me a copy?? Thx!


    • clee1868

      clee1868 - 2006-06-19


      Give me your regualar e-mail address, I will send the Chart of Accounts to you. I will also attch a spreadsheet of standard Audit reports required in China for your reference.


    • jason

      jason - 2007-04-23

      hello Bjorn,
      Could you please also give me a copy?My email address is




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