couldn't create Shipment...from ethiopia

  • tamirat

    tamirat - 2007-02-13

    hello everyone...
    i have a problem on completing a sales order..using POS ( thinking that the goods are paid and taken immediately(payment rule), and cash.... my problem is
    1. when pressing complete button, the document status changed from drafted in to In progress and the status bar displays an error message ..couldn't create Shipment... how can i complete the sales order by generating the shipment and invoice automatically and updating accounting, can we use other document type like standard order and update accounting entries...
    2. i am using the 2.5.3a verison of compiere and tried to implement the sales order first and later on at some time we hope to implement the accounting part.. so we are now just entering the sales order... will this create a problem since the document status of all entered orders are in progress and not posted at all .. can you help me to implement the sales order and accounting part together because i don't know about accounting...

    • Q Wang

      Q Wang - 2007-02-15

      Try to logon using Administrator role, and run the sequence check.  Stop the server first, run sequence check, and start the server again.  Q

    • tamirat

      tamirat - 2007-02-15

      thank you very much.. it is now working.....
      God Bless u..


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