Payment selection (manual) : no invoices

  • Magali Bebronne

    Magali Bebronne - 2008-12-19

    We have following problem:
    - In the Payment selection window, when using the *create from* button to create lines for invoices based on a set a of criteria, no lines are created although several invoices are unpaid. Wheras, when creating the lines manually, the invoices display in the selection list.
    - In the Payment selection (manual) window, same kind of problem : no matter what criteria are chosen, no invoices display in the list to be selected (even if "Only due" is unticked).
    Have we missed something ?

    • Theo de Brouwer

      Theo de Brouwer - 2008-12-30

      W. version of Compiere ? 261 ? 32 ?
      It is true that customization are to be made for some kind of European Paiement.
      Please give us more detail.

    • Magali Bebronne

      Magali Bebronne - 2008-12-31


      We're using 3.0.2

      It now seems to work in our actual Tenant, while it didn't in Garden World. Hope it lasts, thanks for the reply.


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