I have gone through the basic approach and found the followings:

In the AccountingUS.cvs, we found that in US - they have major 6 accounting types.
    1. Asset,
    2. Liability,
    3. Owner's Equity
    4. Revenue
    5. Expense
    6. Memo

But in case of India, we only have:
    1. Assets,
    2. Liability,
    3. Income &
    4. Expenditure.

"3.Owner's Equity" comes under Liability and "6.Memo" comes under non-accountable - contingency.

If we map 3 & 6 under 2 for India and make them 28 & 29, will it be a problem in any logical operation?

In case, if there is no ready csv for India, we can make it vailbale in next stable release..

Thanks and regards,