Problem in Account Element

  • mohab

    mohab - 2005-12-26

    Hi all,

    When i am create initial client setup i import the Accounting.csv file but when i see the element value in the element window i note the 70 Accounting only display , why the all account dont display , if any body know this problem please reply to me .


    • Alejandro Falcone

      After the initial client setup you must load the account hierarchy (the initial client setup only loads the default accounts).
      First go to Import File Loader window and select the cvs file that you need.
      Second go to Import Account window and import it.


    • mohab

      mohab - 2005-12-28

      Hi afalcone,

      Thanks for your reply i do this steps but i recevied an error message (Name is mandatory): Element Name is the same Element, please can you tell me what can i do.



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