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  • clee1868

    clee1868 - 2006-03-21

    I know this is not a supported way, but can someone tell which table(s) should look for to update the posted accunts balances.

    For example, I have done a posting for an invoice  with DR Purchases (51000) - zero rated $500 and Cr Accounts Payable (21100) - trade $500  and found that I posted to a wrong Purchase account.  I would like to change it to DR Purchases (55000) - standard rated $500 and CR Accounts Payable (21100).

    Once the accounts have been posted where are the balances for that accounts being updated. Are FACT_ACCT and FACT_ACCT_BALANCE the right table to change the ACCT_ID?

    I have many posted invoices affected by this so please do not ask me to do Debit/Credit memo to adjust them.

    Likewise for GL Journals, if I change the C_VALIDCOMBINATION_ID for a "posted" journal line will the account balance change automatically??



    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2006-03-22

      The account 51000 has presumably been picked up from  the account set against a product or charge (or may be the default account if you failed to select a product or charge)

      If it is a product or charge then change the account associated with the P or C to where you want the trx to go.

      Make sure you can see the posting button by setting appropriate tick box in Role and/or Tools .. Preferences.

      Open the vendor invoice and click on the posting button. When the account viewer opens there should be a REPOST button in the bottom left hand corner.  Click on REPOST.  Make sure you still have the accounting periods open for any transactions that need to be reposted.


    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2006-03-22

      oops ..
      re: "Make sure you can see the posting button by setting appropriate tick box in Role and/or Tools .. Preferences".  ie set the Accounting flag to ticked.

      Also you can use the process "Reset Accounting" to cause a bulk repost of all the affected documents rather than visting each one.  

    • clee1868

      clee1868 - 2006-03-23

      Thanks, but my requirement is that I want to be able to control what Purchase accounts I post to depend on the items I want to buy. For example, If I create an invoice with three different line items I want to be able to generate the following accounting entries.

      Purchases (51000) - zero rated      $150
      Purhcases (52000) - standard rated  $200
      Purchases (53000) - out of scope    $300
           Accounts Payable - trade             $650

      My solution is to setup three dummy service product/item with the above default purchase accounts. However, damge has been done to the previous 200 invoices where the invoice lines were entered without dummy product code (which default to the general purchase account).
      Since I cannot change a completed and posted invoice line, I have to resort to backdoor patching the account_id. Will changing the account_id on the FACT_ACCOUNT and run the update account balance process help to set to the right posting entries and account balance?

    • ADAXA

      ADAXA - 2006-03-23

      Some years ago there was an English TV program called Yes, Prime Minister. When the bureaucrat wanted to discourage some action he say "That's a very courageous decision Prime Minister!" I don't know why your suggestion made me think of that ;-)

      Zero and Standard rated sound like they are tax related items but out-of-scope sounds like something completely different.  Compiere will always use the account you have nominated at the product or charge level to do its posting.  If you want to be able to further clasify the transaction maybe you could use an extra account element (Project, Campaign?) and then select that value also. I believe these are now or soon will be able to be set at the invoice line level... You will need to test. These values then carry through to the accounting fact details so you can analyse and report with some tool (but not the financial report writer?)

      You might be able to add the additional account element and then set the new account element as always updateable in the invoice line table, set the values in the invoice then repost. Have never tried it...



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