Is any one using Compiere In Canada

  • IKhan

    IKhan - 2004-03-01

    I would like to know is any one successfully implemet and running  Compiere In Canada.


    • Mark Sluser

      Mark Sluser - 2004-03-22

      I am migrating a small business parts retailer to Compiere in Saskatchewan. We are currently running 2.5.0e and will be migrating to 2.5.1 soon. We are entering inventory, sales and purchases. The business runs on paper during working hours and the information is planned to be updated later in the week.
      There have been difficulties and still questions reguarding GST and PST applications as well as POS interfaces.
      -Mark Sluser
      Regina, Sasktchewan.

    • Amin Zhao

      Amin Zhao - 2004-10-07

      yes, in Vancouver :)


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