GL journal : Use two accounting schema

  • Finance et ERP

    Finance et ERP - 2007-05-11

    I use two accounting schemas because I have two currencies.
    After searching in documentation and on forum (sourceforge), I haven't found any information about the using of two accounting schema on GL Journal.
    Anybody has already used this fonctionnality yet?
    The Client accounting schema is selected during the GL journal. Anytime I can't displayed the second schema.
    Somebody help me

    • iZeno Professional Service Team

      You can only post 1 accounting schema at a time using GL Journal window.

      • Enrique Ruibal

        Enrique Ruibal - 2007-05-11

        Not True, you just have to define a New Accounting Schema at the Accounting Schema window, then it will automatically post to both accounting schemas at once.

        May be you meant that you can only *view* one post at at time.

        Enrique Ruibal

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2007-05-11

      you can only post a GL journal to a single accounting schema (it would not make sense otherwise as unlike postings generated from other documents (Invoice, Shipment, etc) in GL journals you select the accounts as opposed to having the accounts derived from the documents

      • Enrique Ruibal

        Enrique Ruibal - 2007-05-11

        Just one additional comment here, it is in fact possible to post one GL Journat to 2 or more accounting schemas at once..We have done this with a Customer before and this makes sense as in the following example:

        One company A has its headquarters in US and a subsidiary company B in Mexico. As we know, their companies need to keep their accounting in their original currencies each, therefore we defined Accounting Schema A - USDlls based and Accounting Schema B - Mexican Pesos based.

        Parent Company A (US) issues a Policy for Subsidiary Company B (Mexico) so that Company B must also be compliant with parent company's A US based accounting, therefore both accounting schemas are set for subsidiary company B, so that for any document completed, be it an invoice, payment or a GL Journal, both postings are being processed by the accounting processor at once for all of company's B documents.

        We implemented this and it worked just fine.


        Enrique Ruibal

    • Finance et ERP

      Finance et ERP - 2007-05-15

      Thanks all of you
      Solution has found with your advices.
      I'm going to answer positively to my customer.

    • albert

      albert - 2007-06-03

      This is

      1. initial the m_C_AcctSchema_ID

      private int m_C_AcctSchema_ID = 0;

      2. at loadDocumentDetails () get

      m_C_AcctSchema_ID = journal.getC_AcctSchema_ID();

      3. public ArrayList<Fact> createFacts (MAcctSchema as)
          ArrayList<Fact> facts = new ArrayList<Fact>();

          // Reject Other Acct Schema

          if (as.getC_AcctSchema_ID() != m_C_AcctSchema_ID)
              return facts;
      This answer is right:
      RE: GL journal : Use two accounting schema
      By: FM77 (fm77) - 2007-05-11 07:40 
      You can only post 1 accounting schema at a time using GL Journal window.
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    • albert

      albert - 2007-06-04

      In GLJournal Post...

      is direct get from your GLJournal's account is belong to single AccountingSchema.

                  MAccount account = line.getAccount();
                  docLine.setAccount (account);

      In InOut/Invoice.... Post...

      depend on each as(AccountingSchema)

      line.getAccount(ProductCost.ACCTTYPE_P_Cogs, as),
      line.getAccount(ProductCost.ACCTTYPE_P_Asset, as);
      line.getAccount(ProductCost.ACCTTYPE_P_Expense, as);
      getAccount(Doc.ACCTTYPE_NotInvoicedReceipts, as)
      getAccount(Doc.ACCTTYPE_Charge, as)

    • albert

      albert - 2007-06-04

      I am sorry eruibal WE CAN Not ....

      RE: GL journal : Use two accounting schema
      By: (ruibal) - 2007-05-11 13:21

    • albert

      albert - 2007-06-04

      I am sorry Kathy Pink WE CAN Not .... 

      RE: GL journal : Use two accounting schema
      By: Kathy Pink (kmpink) - 2007-05-11 15:49


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