Sales/Purchase Order Posting

  • Anna

    Anna - 2004-11-23


    I've got a question regarding Sales/Purchase Order Posting. When we post a Sales/Purchase Order, what does the system do actually? Will it create entries in Fact Account? Thanks for the help

    • lofx

      lofx - 2004-11-23


      the corresponding document to the posting of an order should be
      i haven't looked at it in detail, but it seems it lacks the corresponding part of creating posts............
      it does not create the line..............

      it seems it is ready to be created if is needed just to tell what default account will it carry..........

    • Robin Hoo SP

      Robin Hoo SP - 2004-11-24

      NO posting is done.
      Currently Compiere does NOT automatically handle Commitment Accounting where once a Purchase Order is issued it automatically becomes a liability to the organisation.
      As of now, posting is done during Shipment (for SO), Reciept (PO) and Invoice.


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