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  • Felix

    Felix - 2004-11-17


       I have installed Compiere 2.4.1 e . During the Client setup i had uploaded the US style accounting.

      Suppose I want to implement Sales & distribution module , in that inovice etc comes up. My problem is that i don't understand how the accounting part will be tackled. It will be later in the system , so i don't know what account should made or changed.

    Or can i implement some other accouting system in parallel with compiere, e.g. I make entries in compiere and the accouting part will be done in the other system.

    • lofx

      lofx - 2004-11-17

      Hi Felix!

      Let us see.............. to be very brief, and as an answer to a quite general question, compiere does the accounting automatically, all you have to do is fix default accounts for your bp, bank, cash journal, warehouse (there are already ones loaded when you load the csv) and let compiere do the posts to gl anytime that transaction happens.
      from gl journal you have the option to make manual posts, in principle for those accounts that do not depend on a document (invoices, and so on).
      finally, you can get that data trough financial reports and several other reports.
      the accounting is already there, just try it a little bit, check out windows like accouting schema, and walk around gardenworld to see things like accoutn viewer in the upper menu.
      this will give you a better idea................

      Any further questions are of course welcome.............


      • PeSo

        PeSo - 2006-03-29

        Dear Felix and lofx,

        I'm interested in Compiere, althought I haven't installed it yet.
        I just wanted to know if Compiere does all the accounting (sales, purchases, banks, salaries, costs and profites generally) or just related to sales and purchasing.
        Can we introduce costs manually?
        Does it allow to print balance sheets, diaries, and everything as a complete accounting software does (like SAGE, for instance).
        Thank you for your answer,


    • Q Wang

      Q Wang - 2006-03-30

      We are implementing compiere bit by bit to fit our business needs, and apparently it can do the accounting that we need.  In terms of purchase/sales documents, it automatically post transactions to the required GL accounts when those documents (order->invoice->shipment/receipt->payment->bank statement) are completed, no matter you are dealing with products, services or fixed assets.  This saves a huge effort for your accountants (they don't have to manually post the documents). 

      On the other hand, you also have the flexibility to manually enter GL journals, such as loan, asset depreciation, ... which might not have a transaction document associated with. 

      Anytime, you can run the financial reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement...) to show your business status.  You can also check the status of each GL account.

      In order to do this, you have to do some basic setup, which includes your business org chart (your vendors, your customers, your employees) and your product price lists (products, basic prices, vendor specific prices...).

      As to the costing method, I am not very clear how the latest version (253a) is at...but my understanding is that it has several different cost calculation methods.  There had been some discussion re costing previously, and you can search this forum to find the old postings to get some hints.

      As to payroll, it does not provide a comprehensive payroll functionality, and what we are doing is just to manually enter the salary payments to the employees into the GL journal and post them under the relevant expense accounts. You probably have to use a third party software to calculate your employees benefit and time cards.

      A suggestion is to purchase a user manual from and start from there.


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