Adding a pricelist to a Product

  • ismet sener

    ismet sener - 2010-01-18


    I have more then 400 items. I have 2 pricelists (Purchase and Sales).
    Now I have to add for all the 400 items, each for each a Sales Pricelist and a Purchase Pricelist.
    So I have to enter 400 * 2 = 800 records

    Is there any other method to do this automatically or in an other way? This take a lot of time.

    by the way, the purchasing tab, in the product table, is not filled with purchase price or other data.

    kind regards,

  • Yves Sandfort

    Yves Sandfort - 2010-01-19

    Why not use the Generate PriceList functionality

  • ismet sener

    ismet sener - 2010-01-19

    Funactionality: Generate Pricelist   ->  is only possible if a Pricelist is attached to a product.

    So if a product does not have a pricelis (in the Pricelist tab of the product) this function (generate pricelist) will not create a pricelist for that product.



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