Account balances at given date

  • Graeme Pyle

    Graeme Pyle - 2005-12-16

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to get a report with all account balances at a given date in Compiere, but can't figure out how.

    This is what is referred to in my country as a Trial Balance (obviously different to the Compiere TB).

    Can anyone give me a few pointers on where to look? I've tried the "Account Viewer", but I can't get opening balances with that. I've tried playing with the Compiere TB, but I can't get rid of the detail.

    In my country, a TB (list of all account balances at a given date) is very important to accountants - surely Compiere caters for that? Is there anything I'm missing perhaps?


    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2005-12-16

      did you look at the statement of accounts or try a financial report?

    • Graeme Pyle

      Graeme Pyle - 2005-12-19

      Ah yes, I forgot that you can have Dr and Cr only columns in the "Report Column Sets" - problem solved.

      Our implementation is going well - looking forward to partnership and other implementations in the new year.


    • albert

      albert - 2005-12-20

      Now Compiere’s finReport Can’t specific the date you want, only use the fix date is end of period
      String sql = "SELECT p.C_Period_ID, p.Name, p.StartDate, p.EndDate, MIN(p1.StartDate) FROM C_Period p "
                  + " INNER JOIN C_Year y ON (p.C_Year_ID=y.C_Year_ID),"
                  + " C_Period p1 "
                  + "WHERE y.C_Calendar_ID=?"
                  + " AND p.PeriodType='S' "
                  + " AND p1.C_Year_ID=y.C_Year_ID AND p1.PeriodType='S' "
                  + "GROUP BY p.C_Period_ID, p.Name, p.StartDate, p.EndDate "
                  + "ORDER BY p.StartDate";
      PreparedStatement pstmt = null;
      pstmt = DB.prepareStatement(sql, null);
      pstmt.setInt(1, m_report.getC_Calendar_ID());
      ResultSet rs = pstmt.executeQuery();
      while (
      FinReportPeriod frp = new FinReportPeriod (rs.getInt(1), rs.getString(2),rs.getTimestamp(3), rs.getTimestamp(4), rs.getTimestamp(5));
      public String getPeriodWhere ()
      StringBuffer sql = new StringBuffer ("BETWEEN ");
      .append(" AND ")
      return sql.toString();
      }    //    getPeriodWhere

    • albert

      albert - 2005-12-26

      Compiere provides a comprehensive solution for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME) in distribution and services ......we evolution Compiere from small-to-medium to large-to-huge sized system, define account item not base-document only we use target-document, generate po/so add-on by user-id to prevent conflict for same time same function has a lot of concurrent user.
      Thanks Kathy Pink, Jorg Janke give us a path to be a huge system.
      Taiwan Support Team Ph.D. Albert  0958-222-948 Skype DrAlbert


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