** unprocessed /unposted cost update transact

  • ismet sener

    ismet sener - 2010-01-17

    When I use the session Standard Cost update, I get the next error message:
    ** unprocessed /unposted cost update transaction exists. Please process them first.

    But where can post this transaction? When I go to the session "Unposted Documents" there is nothing to post

    I have also the next problem:
    Cost price prodcut "'X" : EUR 0,50
    purchase 1000 product X for EUR 0,50 = EUR 500,00

    Cost price prodcut "'X" : EUR 0,75
    purchase 1000 product X for EUR 0,75 = EUR 750,00

    Inventory/Product Asset value is now: EUR 500,00 + EUR 750,00 = EUR 1.250,00

    NOW !!!!!!! When I sell 2000 products , the system wil calculate COGS with value EUR 1.500,00
    Prodct COGS EUR 1.500,00 debet
    a/ Product Asset EUR 1.500,- credit

    So now my Inventory/Product Asset is Negative :
    EUR 500,00 + EUR 750,00 -/- EUR 1.500,00 = -/- EUR 250,00

    NORMALLY when I change the cost price from EUR 0,50 to EUR 0,75 AND I update the inventory
    it should revalue the inventory with 5000 products * EUR 0,25 = EUR 250,00

    SO the question is NOW HOW can the system update the inventory when I change the current cost price????

    With kind regards,

  • Yves Sandfort

    Yves Sandfort - 2010-01-17

    That is the expected and documented behaviour in Compiere. BTW Many other apps work the same.

    You need to revalue the stock yourself if you change it. That is done by GL entries, but be carefull to run that on the proper account combination, not only the account as otherwise you get an even worse scenario.

    We offer also regular financial trainings / workshops in person and online. If you are interested just drop me a note.


  • ismet sener

    ismet sener - 2010-01-17

    Thank you Yves,

    But what I do not understand is why the system comes with the error:
    ** unprocessed /unposted cost update transaction exists. Please process them first.

    When I read this, then I would think that the system has created a booking (after running the cost update with the new cost price), and that I only have to post the booking.

    So thus what you mean is, to run a inventory valuation report (after changing the cost price), and make a MANUAL GL booking with reference to that report. And offcourse  I have to choose (or create a ledger) which is not document controlled.

    Thank you again Yves,

  • aladin

    aladin - 2010-02-15


    I don't look in the accounting forums often and so not sure if you have resolved the problems, but we had the same problem as the first issue you mentioned.

    There was a bug created when the  manufcturing module was introdced and changes to the costing tables. There is a field behind the sceens not shown on the UI which gets set as "on" when the standard cost update process is running, but is not set to "off" at the end (from memory the field is called "processing" or "processed", or something like that). Was fixed in later version. No UI to update the field.

    Second issue, I think you are using Standard Costs and are changing the standard cost during the year/period. I have yet to find a process within Compiere that revalues stock when the standard cost changes.



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