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  • iloe

    iloe - 2007-06-29


    I'm using compiere 2.6.1 and facing the following problems when trying to use project with type work order:
    -  When I use the process "Issue to Project" by selecting the appropriate material receipt, it will create record for Project Issue, but when I tried to post in Project Issue, it only post the amount of unit price in PO, instead of multipying unit price by the quantity. Is there any special reason behind it?
    -  After the Work Order Project has been finished and SO and shipment being created, why does the quantity in inventory being deducted as it has already been deducted when issuing a product to a project?
    -  In Project issue, the posting is Project WIP (dr) and Product Asset (cr).  In manual, I read that Project WIP will be offset during shipment but when I try, the shipment posting is like ususal (CoGS (dr) and Product Asset (cr)).  Is there any thing wrong with my setting or I've missed on something in my data?

    Thanks a lot for your attention and really appreciate your help :)


    • crimzone

      crimzone - 2007-09-07

      Please update on your progress...

      Did you manage to get PROJECT WIP to function properly?


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