Document Status Not Changing when Completed

  • Tuedec

    Tuedec - 2007-01-08

    I have an issue with Compiere (2.5.3a). When I created an Customer Invoice (Quote-To-Invoice > Sales Invoices > Invoice (Customer)), the Document status is set initially to "Drafted" and the Document Type to "New". When I click on the "Complete" button, it open-up the Document Action window where you are given two options: Complete or Void. When I choose "Complete", I noticed that the Document Status does not get updated and remains to be "Drafted". Is there something I'm missing in the process? or it a Compiere bug?

    Thank you for any input in this.


    • Enrique Ruibal

      Enrique Ruibal - 2007-01-08


      Would you look carefully down the bottom left of the invoice window and see if there is a message explaining why it did't complete?

      Enrique Ruibal

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2007-01-09

      most common reason is that the period is not open

    • tamirat

      tamirat - 2007-03-14

      or else.. may be the document type sequence is not correct.... check the bottom of the invoice window.. about the error.. if it says like' couldn't create shipment' or something similar... do the following... close your application server and login using system administrator role... then run sequence check.. then check the thing again..
      good luck


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